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1. What is is the number one source for coaching education courses, resources, certification programs and requirements within the United States. Developed by the USOC, NFHS, NCAA, and NASPE, provides information that coaches, athletes, parents, administrators, students, and officials can access in order to find quality, educational resources and training in sport-specific topics, as well as sport-science and sport management.

2. Why do I need coaching education?

Coaches are responsible for influencing and teaching over fifty million children at a very crucial developmental time in their lives every year. Coaching education programs can provide coaches and other professionals within the field with knowledge, techniques, and resources that they can use within their roles. This information can help to better the athletic experiences of athletes within our nation.

3. How can I become a partner of

To become a partner of you will need to submit information about your organization here. Once submitted, your program will be reviewed before a profile will be created.

4. Who determines what programs are listed on

All programs are subject to review by the USA Coaching Coalition (USACC). Programs that qualify to be highlighted on should be in line with the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NSSC) and programs that are accredited through the National Council for the Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE). highlights quality coaching education programs within the United States.

5. What is the USA Coaching Coalition (USACC)?

The USA Coaching Coalition (USACC) is made up of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), National College Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS), and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). The mission of the USACC is to develop and establish coaching as a recognized profession in America. The goal of the coalition is to improve the philosophical, physical, psychological, social, and ethical development of coaches and athletes in order for them to achieve their full potential in sport and in life. The coalition will develop and promote standards of competence, facilitate delivery of a coaching education program, and invite and encourage other sports organizations to participate in the coalition’s initiatives.”

6. What is an ‘Accredited Program’ and how do I go about getting my program accredited?

The National Council for the Accreditation of Coaching Education reviews coaching education programs based on the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NSSC). Accredited programs are held to a higher standard within the United States and these programs will be highlighted on For more information on how to become accredited you can visit here.

7. Is there a national coaching education program that has all of this information rather than picking from specific programs?

Currently there is no national program within the United States. brings quality programs within the nation to one spot for easy access.

8. I have already submitted my information - How can I update my information or online profile?

You can resubmit a survey with any changes that need to be made to your profile. Be sure to indicate your organization’s name and all of the areas that you would like updated. You can submit a new survey here.

9. Where can I find resources related to my sport or area of interest?

The main navigation bar contains many links to different sports and topics of sports science, management, administration, and many others which provide a plethora of information and resources.

10. I clicked on a link and it does not work – ex) I clicked on ‘Cricket’ under ‘Sports’ and nothing happened – what do I do? is currently being constructed and revised. If you clicked on a link and nothing happened that means we currently do not have any organizations to highlight within that category. If your program fits in this category or you know of a program that would fit, you can submit your application here.

11. Can I enroll in courses from this website?

The goal of is to provide individuals with many different options for coaching education. Individuals can register for these courses directly through the organizations’ websites. No courses are sold directly from

12. Can I buy resources directly from this website?

The goal of is to provide valuable information to individuals interested in coaching education. There are many resources on the site that can be purchased directly from the publisher’s website.

13. Can I download the reports included on the site?

Yes! You can download them from the main page under the Links and Resources section on the main page here.

14. How do I get my book listed on this

In order to have your book listed on please contact Manger of Coaching Education at the United States Olympic Committee, Dave McCann.

15. How can I receive updates from

By submitting your name and e-mail to our mailing list on the main page. You will receive updates about new programs being added, as well as other additions to the website.

16. Why should I register to receive updates?

By registering with you will be the first to receive information about any new changes to the site, new programs that have been added, new resources that are available, as well we coaching education news from major organizations like the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the NCAA, and many more.

17. Am I able to connect with other coaches from

At this time you cannot connect with other coaches or professionals within the field. This is something that the developers of are looking into for the future.

18. I am an organization that does not currently offer coaching education – where do I get it from? How do I go about creating a program?

If your organization is interested in providing coaching education to your participants you can start by utilizing some of the many programs already listed on Under Sports Management and Administration are organizations that offer General Coaching courses which can be beneficial to all coaches.

19. How can I support

You can support by registering to receive updates and by promoting coaching education to your organization, coaches, and others within the field.

20. I have some ideas and something valuable that I would like to suggest for – who do I contact with this information?

If you have any suggestions of things to add to please contact Manger of Coaching Education at the United States Olympic Committee, Dave McCann.

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